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How Smart Grids Lead to IT/OT Convergence

The smart grid is the response from utilities to European energy policy designed to promote a carbon-independent society. The smart grid is a transformed power system that can accommodate a large penetration of distributed renewables, system flexibility and consumer participation in markets…

White Papers

L’avenir de la communication des données de compteur

Le présent White Paper entend apporter une aide aux techniciens chargés du relevé et de la transmission de données de compteur. Il se veut une première approche, permettant de mieux appréhender les grandes mutations qui se préparent dans les transferts publics de données, mutations qui…

White Papers

Advanced Metering Management in a Multi-energy Environment

The liberalization of energy markets in Europe is well underway, but just as this significant transformation is taking shape, a new one is already emerging: the energy industry and utilities are experiencing the introduction of smart metering and smart grids….