Multi energy metering for extreme cost efficiency

“Besides reading one’s own customers’ energy data information, it’s now possible to provide services for other heating and water companies that operate in the same area. Savings are also achieved through streamlining logistics, resulting in less operational costs,” adds Kari.

In addition to the multiple cost saving possibilities, a multi energy AMM solution is also designed to help power companies tackle environmental challenges. “Using an AMM solution, utilities can provide end-consumers with an energy bill based on their actual energy consumption. This process makes billing more transparent and enables consumers to control their use of energy and their energy bill. This efficient process can level out consumption peaks which consequently reduces CO2 gas emissions. For a utility, AMM functions as part of the entire customer service process and allows utilities to implement new tariff structures and sales products,” says Kari. “All possibilities of an AMM solution are optimised by metering multiple energy forms in one solution.”

Danish utility, TRE-FOR, is aiming for better energy management with Landis+Gyr’s multi energy AMM solution
Danish utility TRE-FOR is deploying a multi energy AMM solution from Landis+Gyr to reduce infra-structure costs and increase overall process efficiency. The contract for this integrated solution includes delivery and installation of 200,000 electricity, heat and water meters, communication devices, and a state-of-the-art advanced metering system for data acquisition and processing. Landis+Gyr provides innovative home energy monitors for selected TRE-FOR customers and training on staff systems. In addition, Landis+Gyr integrated the AMM system into TRE-FOR’s IT network. All energy and customer information is stored on one system, easily accessed for commercial, operational and service purposes, allowing for billing based on actual consumption. Consumers with the in-home display unit can track energy consumption in real-time. This successful project can save money not only for the utility but for the end-customer too. “It is of great importance to TRE-FOR that customers with smart meters receive a better service and do not have to read the meters themselves. This is a very new and advanced system that offers us the chance to acquire new products for the electricity market, including other solutions that can reduce costs,” said Knud Steen Larsen, CEO, TRE-FOR.