Landis+Gyr launch Converge 3.5 bringing enhanced AMM to the market

Converge AMM system provides flexibility and efficiency from metering to billing. In the Converge 3.5. release especially the data acquisition efficiency has been improved considerably. With the help of new job scheduler, the jobs for 1000 meters are generated within jus a few seconds and data acquisition can begin immediately, helping our customers to make the metering data avail-able in even shorter intervals.

Further Converge 3.5. has the following complimentary functions:
In earlier versions of Converge, SAP Point-of-Delivery was assigned to meters using an external MC-Assign tool. This tool has now been integrated into the new system using interface. The ad-vanced system ensures that users only see new or changed records and are not overwhelmed by unnecessary information. Users can further restrict information in the MC-Assign list using the system’s built-in search function. Using Converge 3.5, customer-specific data is acquired auto-matically producing clear graphs, tables, reports and tariff structures. This new version also supports Excel 2007 for report generation.

Converge 3.5 is compatible with several devices and protocols such as:

  • MT 33i from Landis+Gyr with IEC 1107 protocol
  • MK3 and MK10 from EDMI, with EDMI Genius protocol
  • U1189 and U1389 from Gossen Metrawatt, with M-Bus protocol
  • Uniflo1200 from Flonidan, with ModBus protocol

The system also includes updated set-up documentation.

Converge 3.5 offers enhanced process efficiency and is highly compatible with other meters and billing systems thus increasing competitiveness throughout all the metering activities.

For further information on the Converge 3.5 please contact your local Landis+Gyr representative.