Landis+Gyr enables interoperability at Finnish utility with multi-energy solution

Jyskä, Finland – 25 March, 2009 – Finnish Utility Vattenfall Lämpö is implementing a full scale Advanced Metering Management (AMM) solution from Landis+Gyr to cover all district heat and gas metering points.

Vattenfall is Europe’s fifth largest generator of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Today it sells, produces and distributes energy for 6 million people in Europe. In Finland Vattenfall has 385 000 customers. Vattenfall Lämpö is part of Vattenfall.

Half of Vattenfall Lämpö’s current gas and heat meters will be replaced with Landis+Gyr ultrasonic meters. Previous pilot projects also included third party metering devices from Kamstrup. Thanks to the interoperable and open system architecture these third party meters are now joined to the Landis+Gyr AMM system using MBus and pulse communication cards as well as GPRS multi-energy master devises.

AMM implementation offers Vattenfall Lämpö many benefits. The utility is able to base billing on actual consumption, improve billing process efficiency and offer its customers access to online consumption data. Hourly consumption values help to optimise production and network management effecting positively on environment and costs. Implementation of a single system to read multiple energy forms streamlines processes and reduces operational costs.

AMM services deliver efficiency
In addition, Vattenfall Lämpö has outsourced its meter reading service to Landis+Gyr for a contract period of ten years. Once a day, Landis+Gyr will forward hourly consumption data figures to the utility’s meter data system using AIM system’s AIMIA integration platform. Opting for this meter reading service provides accurate, on-time consumption values without requiring additional investments for system operation.

Included in the contract are the Landis+Gyr AIM AMM system, a meter reading service, heat and gas meters and multi-energy master devices.
The deployment of the multi-energy solution is expected to be complete by end 2010.

Vattenfall Lämpö
Vattenfall has 385 000 customers in Finland and approximately 12 % market share. Turnover in 2008 was EUR 534 million and the company employed 530 people. Vattenfall sells, produces and distributes energy for 6 million people in Europe. Vattenfall is aiming to become the leading energy company in Europe. Further information: /