A helping hand for Greece

In a letter addressed to Stefan Weber, Executive Vice President of Landis+Gyr Europe, Petros Moliviatis, former Foreign Minister to Greece, expressed his thanks for the company’s financial donation.

Personal thanks
The letter read: “On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Special Fund for the treatment of Emergencies and myself, I would like to express our appreciation for your contribution to the State’s effort to encounter with the catastrophically consequences of the fires which devastated our country.
“Our goal is not only to recover the damages, but also to achieve an outcome better than before. Along with my appreciations, I assure you that your donation… will be used for this purpose only.”

Origins of the fund
The fund was established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Greece in August this year. It forms part of a package of measures designed to help victims of the forest fires that devastated large parts of the country’s mainland.